Real-time Dash Board

Real-Time In-Store Attribution

Real-time Physical Walk-in platform provides closed-loop attribution and reporting, identifying consumers who have interacted with an ad on their mobile device and then walked into a physical location - all in real-time.

  • 1

    Device-Level Attribution

    Performed at device level using a 1:1 match

  • 2

    Real-Time Reporting & Data

    View results from thousands of locations with no delay

  • 3

    Custom Attribution Windows

    Track walk-ins post ad exposure from 1 hour to 30 days

  • 4

    Daily Lift in Foot Traffic

    Average time lapsed for walk-in conversion from first or last exposure

  • 5

    Custom Reports

    Segment by demographic, strategy, audience or any targetable parameter

  • 6

    Real-Time Optimization

    Utilize data to optimize campaigns in real-time

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